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Oakland, California




Can you count to ten in Chinese? Maria is going to need one of these. My eyes haven't yet adjusted to the darkness. We saw the old building pulled down. I found it difficult to convince her.

His son trembled with fear. Robert is barely breathing. Did you buy anything for us? It goes without saying that pets are not allowed.

I have to wake them up. We could hear the sound of people approaching.

They are happy, because they see the birds in the tree near the window.

Tatoeba, why are you so addictive?

Come on into my office. It's my first date with Ariel. We missed you last night. I'd like to take a small trip this weekend. Oleg has never had the chance to do that.

I didn't recognize him at first.

He made a hit with my family. Wilmer told us about you. You owe me thirty bucks.

It wasn't me. It's him! You argue with us. To study abroad will be a wonderful experience. I have a lot of cleaning to do. I like three day weekends.

Thou speakest. I was hoping Paul would have time to come over and help us move the piano.

I knew what was in his mind, just as he knew what was in mine; and killing being out of the question, we did the next best. You are wanted on the phone, Mike. It's Jane. You can take advantage of your free time.

I did it in a hurry. He is intelligent, knows many people and is resourceful. Travis is on his way here. What can we learn from a dog? When loved ones come home, always run to greet them. Heidi could've run away. On Sunday, we would get up early go fishing.

He will be very busy next month. We don't lock doors. He stopped by Kamiya's chair. You might get hurt. I heard you and Toufic had a big fight. Did Janos ask you out again?

Get out of bed. Cory grabbed his briefcase and headed for the door.

What a nice car you have! You must have paid a lot for it. If we work together, we should be able to finish this much more quickly. I want this room cleaned.

He is anything but a liar. I gave Brenda an apple. Do you remember anything from back then? Doyle has never had a job.

This will do for now. Many farmers in Hokkaido grow potatoes. Did you really spike the orange juice? I can't hold it. He won the race easily without being fully extended. Gerald wanted Juliane to be nicer to John. We went to college together. Dalton slept through the whole thing. That can't be good for anybody. Equestrian is the only mixed-gender Olympic event.

She did all she could on my account. Does he still live in Luxembourg? Nothing scares us. Charley didn't recognize her.